Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Same Life, New Story

Same Life, New Story by Jan Silvious

Same Life, New Story is a 10-week bible study about changing your life situation. Jan Silvious uses biblical characters along with modern day women to show how to stop settling for the life you have and start working towards a new one. She brings to light several roadblocks that may be holding you back and then discusses how to move past them with God's help. Included in each chapter are personal reflection questions, a journal entry topic, and group discussion questions to help you delve further into the topic at hand.

I found this book to be thought provoking and enlightening. Although I was not looking to change my life story, I found myself becoming aware of places I have settled for what I have instead of reaching for what God wants for me. I enjoyed the way the author interwove bible characters, biblical based truths and stories from modern day women to make her point. Her use of humor and antidotes captured my attention and kept it. I hope to bring this book to my woman's bible study. I would recommend it to all women, whether you are looking to change your life story or just want to be inspired to be the woman God intends.

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